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A smaller roller for rolling seeded ground or golf greens may be made by pouring concrete into a piece of pipe which concrete forms the outside concrete surface. Plate 9 shows the method of making a form for a horse block. Horse blocks can be built solid in place or they may be cast in a form like the drawing with paneled sides. Make the concrete forms as shown in the drawing so that the inside dimension is 10 inch high, 22 inch wide and 28 inch long.

The panels for the sides are Y8 inch x 6 inch x 24 inch and those for the ends Y8 inch x 6 inch x 18 inches, leveled as shown. These should be placed carefully in the center of the sides and ends and attached firmly in place with nails or screws. Make the four braces 78 inch X Y8 inch x 10 inch and screw them in place. Nail the two cross braces lightly across the top so they may he easily removed. Grease the concrete forms thoroughly and fill with a concrete mixture of 1 part cement, 22 parts of sand and 5 parts of gravel or broken stone. Smooth off the top concrete surface with a trowel when first laid, then in a few hours scrape off any light colored scum with a wire brush or horse curry comb, and trowel the concrete surface again, preferably with a wood float, but using no fresh mortar. The form should be removed in 24 hours, or as soon as it is hard enough not to show thumb marks, and while the concrete is still green rub down the sides with a wood float or brick. Keep concrete damp by sprinkling for a week. Plate 10 shows a simple design for a concrete dish suitable for bulbs. The sectional diagram will explain the method of making the form and there is a good chance here for original designing.

The concrete form is made in two parts, the outer box form and the inner core. Assemble the box and core, suspending the core as shown in Plate 11, by means of a small—cross- brace of scrap wood. The concrete forms should be thoroughly greased and the concrete mixed 1 part of cement to 2 parts of sand. Reinforcing should be used consisting of Y2 inch galvanized square- mesh wire, which is placed in position by making a basket so that when put in place in the form, it will be half way between the upper and lower concrete surface of the concrete. This basket may be held in place by slipping blocks between it and the inside form, these to be removed after the concrete has been deposited a little over half way up the concrete forms. A trowel or a thin flat stick with a chisel end, should be worked up and down along the, inside of the form so as to force the coarse particles of the concrete mixture away - from the concrete surface. First place a layer of concrete in the bottom of the form then set the wire reinforcing basket on this. Add more of the concrete mixture, working it into all corners, then press the core into place and fill up the sides thoroughly using the chisel end paddle to help fill inch Leave in the mold at least 24 hours and then use a great deal of care when removing so as not to concrete damage the green concrete. After-the form has been removed the outside concrete surface of the concrete should be brushed with a stiff brush. The dish should then be allowed to air-dry for 2 or 3 hours, but be kept from drying out too rapidly; never place in the sunlight.

The dish should then be carefully placed in water and allowed to soak for two or three days. A very smooth concrete surface may be obtained by sprinkling dry cement over the wet concrete surface, after removing from the water, and rubbing the cement in with a scrubbing brush or with a block of cork. These are made up of cast .and finished the same as the bulb dish in Plate 10.  Plate 13 gives the method of making a form for a concrete hitching post. The finished post is 5 ft. tall, tapering from 6 inch square at the base to 43/4 inch square at the top. The concrete forms are made to the dimensions shown on the drawing with cleats screwed to the wider sides as shown.

Are You in Mendon Massachusetts? Do You Need Concrete Cutting?

We Are Your Local Concrete Cutting Company

Call 508-283-3135

We Service all surrounding Cities & Towns.