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Concrete Cutting Milford Mass     

Concrete Cutter Milford Mass       

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If the ringbolt is to be placed at the top a cap 63/4 inch x 83/4 inch is attached at the upper end and a ringbolt of any desired size suspended from it. This cap is made in two pieces, 33/s inch x 83% inch, with a hole through which the ringbolt is placed. This problem brings in reinforcing with 4 inch iron rods placed as indicated in the section. The form may be made according to method No. 1, where the post lays on its side and the concrete is placed from the upper side and smoothed, or it may be made as in method No. 2 where the form is tube-like and the concrete poured in at the lower end. The post should not be handled or moved inside of a week, as it is liable to crack. Let the post dry out for about two weeks before using and keep it concrete damp by sprinkling with water daily. Posts similar in design but on a larger scale could be made up to be used as clothes posts.  Concrete fence posts are coming more and more into general use, due not only to their permanency but also their greater strength.

Plate 14 shows the method of casting individual posts and also a combination form for casting four posts at a time. In the drawing of the section of the single form there is shown the methods of reinforcing with hay bailing wire and 4 inch iron rods. These single posts are cast in a similar way to the concrete hitching post shown in Plate 13. The combination form may be easily taken apart, to remove the finished posts, and is a saving in time and material. A platform of matched boards is laid, 4 ft. wide by 8 ft. long, and on this the form proper is laid. The two outside pieces and the two ends are made from 2 inch x 4 inch material, while the inside separating boards are made up of 1 inch x 4 inch stock. Blocks are nailed at the corners, as shown, and wedges driven between the blocks and the sides of the concrete forms to hold in place. It will be noticed that the partitions and the end piece are notched inch. The form should be properly greased before placing the concrete. To fill this form once, that is to make four posts of the size given (using a concrete mixture of 1 part cement, 2 parts sand and 3 parts gravel, or crushed stone not larger than 3z inch) will require about 1 bag of cement, 2 cu. ft. of sand and 34 cu. ft. of stone or gravel. Iron rods for reinforcing must be used. First place 1 inch of concrete and then place 2 rods on top of the concrete.

Then fill to within 1 inch of the top of the concrete forms, place the other 2 rods, and finish filling. Concrete fence posts must be carefully protected until they are hard. Don't move them until at least 10 days old or they will crack. Keep them moist by sprinkling and then store them out of the sun until they are at least a month old. There are several methods of fastening woven wire to concrete posts and four good methods are illustrated in the drawing. The screw eyes are inserted in the fresh concrete. The holes are made by placing 1 inch greased dowels in the concrete forms and removing them when the concrete is about a day old. The wood strip is placed in the bottom of the form before placing the concrete and its tapering leveled edges hold it in the hardened concrete allowing the wire to be nailed direct to it. Plate 15 gives a drawing of parallel bars suitable for the school playground. Plate 13 gives the method for making the form and casting posts of this description. The bars themselves consist of 2 inch galvanized iron piping, 8 ft., 6 inch long, with caps screwed on the ends. These bars are suspended in a pipe T which itself is attached to an upright piece of piping cast in the concrete, as shown. Reinforcing rods, Y2 inch in diameter are placed, as in Plate 13, to add strength to the posts. These posts should remain in the concrete forms at least 10 days, being constantly sprinkled. After removing from the concrete forms they should be allowed to season for about a month before being used. When the posts are placed in the ground the hole should be made 3 or 4 inch larger all around than the posts and this space filled in with concrete and thoroughly tamped down. 

Are You in Milford Massachusetts? Do You Need Concrete Cutting?

We Are Your Local Concrete Cutting Company

Call 508-283-3135

We Service all surrounding Cities & Towns.