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Concrete Cutter Millbury Mass     

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Another interesting addition to the playground equipment is the concrete sand box shown on Plate 16. This may be made of any desired size, the one shown in the drawing being 8 ft. x 12 ft. and 20 inch high. The concrete walls are 5 inch thick and extend 8 inch below the level of the ground. The method of placing the form is clearly shown. A trench is first dug as long and deep as needed and after the form is set in place the concrete, consisting of a concrete mixture of 1 part concrete , 2 parts sand and 4 parts gravel or broken stone, is poured. The concrete forms should be removed in about 48 hours and the concrete surface of the concrete rubbed down with a wet brick, using a neat concrete mixture under the brick to help smooth up the concrete surface. The concrete should be protected for about a week, wetting down each day. The concrete box should then be filled three-quarters full of clean, sifted sand. Plate 17 shows the drawing of two simple lawn pedestals, the first having a circular shaft and the second a shaft square in section.

The shaft for the first pedestal is cast in a similar manner to the concrete roller, using a piece of galvanized iron bent to a 6 inch diameter and 24 inch long. The supports are made of wood with a hole cut in them of sufficient size to allow the shaft form to pass through. The top form should he turned down on a lathe out of a plank 33/2 inch thick, or of built up stuff, as shown in the sectional view. The sub-base is cut from 1Y2 in: stock with a circular hole about 9 inches in diameter. The base is hexagonal in shape and is held together by patent corrugated fasteners.            A 3/4  inch iron rod about 8 inch long should be inserted in the center of the base, when being cast, and projecting enough to go through the sub-base and flush with the bottom side of the base proper. The top of the pedestal should be held in place in a similar way with the exception that the rod should not penetrate the top more than 2 inch When assembling, each piece should have a thin layer of neat concrete grout consisting of concrete and water, spread upon it to form an attaching mortar, to help hold the various parts together. The shaft should be reinforced with 1/2 inch iron rods, placed at equal intervals, 1 inch from the concrete surface. The top, sub-base and base should be reinforced with Y4 inch wire mesh laid flat wise across their centers. After remaining in the concrete forms for about 10 days they should be carefully removed and set away 3 or 4 weeks to season. Wet regularly. Style B pedestal is very easily cast, the Operation being similar to that of casting the concrete hitching post, Plate 13, and reinforcing and assembling same as Style A. The pedestals shown on Plate 18are made up similarly to Style B on the preceding plate, the only addition being in the paneling, which is provided for on Plate 9, in the drawing of the horse block.

The method of making the form and constructing and placing the panels are self-evident in Plate 18. The pedestals shown on Plates 17 and 18 can easily be made into excellent concrete sun dials by purchasing commercial dials and attaching them in the following manner. The sun marks on the trees and flowers the passing of the seasons, so it is fitting that on the dial-face it should mark the flight of the quiet hours spent in the garden.  The pedestal should be firmly placed on a foundation that reaches below the frost line. The plate is set with the base of gnomon pointing south, but as the true south varies from the magnetic meridian, a compass will not accurately determine the position. A more accurate judgment can be obtained by using a table of time variation which shows the daily discrepancies between sun and standard time. With the aid of this table the dial can be set by the sun, mid-day being the best time to make the adjustment. The dial plate must be level, and when properly adjusted, should be securely attached to the top of the pedestal with concrete mortar.

Are You in Millbury Massachusetts? Do You Need Concrete Cutting?

We Are Your Local Concrete Cutting Company

Call 508-283-3135

We Service all surrounding Cities & Towns.