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Fill to within 1 inch of the top of the riser, and as soon as this concrete has stiffened slightly (which usually is within about one-half hour) fill the remainder with a concrete mixture of 1 part sand and 2 parts cement. Allow this to harden about            hour and trowel lightly. Early on the second day, remove the concrete form from the face of the riser and trowel very carefully. This plate also gives a section detail of the method of casting individual concrete steps. This concrete step is 7 inch by 14 inch inside measurement and 1 inch projection. Fill to within 1 inch of the top with concrete, 1 part cement, 3 parts sand and 6 parts broken stone, tamped hard. As soon as this has stiffened, but before it has set, remove the board "A" next to the face of the concrete, which should not be fastened to the form, but simply set in and well greased. This will leave a space on the side and top of the concrete step, also a small mold for the projection at the top of the concrete step. Fill this with wet mortar, 1 part cement and 1' parts coarse sand, and let it set.

The concrete forms may be removed and used again. Rub down the face of the riser with a brick or carbide at the end of 24 hours. Reinforce all concrete steps cast separately by iron rods placed about 1 inch above the bottom of the slab.  Patent safety treads, of which there are many kinds on the market, are inserted as shown in the sketch when the mortar is still soft. This is not done on cheaper classes of work. It adds to the looks of the concrete steps, however, and to the life of the nosing of the concrete step, preventing the edge from being chipped off. Plate 26 gives details and sketch of ordinary walk concrete construction. The laying of concrete sidewalks is a simple operation if ordinary care is taken and several thousand running feet of walk have been laid by the author's pupils during the past few years and not a foot .has ever failed. The small town is situated about 40 miles from the Canadian border and the temperature varies from the vicinity of 1000 in the summer to as low as 50° below zero in the winter. A walk which will stand expansion and contraction resulting from this great aliphatic difference proves it a substantial proposition and shows that boys of the seventh and eighth grades, with proper instruction, in any climate, can lay any type of concrete work which they desire and build for permanence. Before laying the concrete a foundation of porous material, such as cinders or screened gravel, must be placed to forma base through which moisture can quickly and easily drain.

This sub-base should be placed with as much care as the laying of the walk itself.. Concrete foundations should generally be 6 inch to 12 inch deep, depending upon the climate and character of the soil. In sections where there is a porous soil and a mild climate, concrete foundations are sometimes omitted entirely. If the soil is clayey, blind drains or coarse gravel or tile pipe should be laid at the lowest point in the excavation, to carry off any water that might accumulate in the porous material of the foundation. Concrete walks are frequently ruined by water freezing in the concrete foundations and heaving them out of position. Excavate to the sub-grade previously determined upon, 3 inch wider on each side than the proposed walk, and fill with broken stone, gravel or cinders to within 4 inch of the proposed finished concrete surface, wetting well and tamping in layers, so that when complete it will be even and firm, but porous. Place 2 inch by 4 inch scantlings (preferably dressed on inside and top edge and perfectly straight) on top of the cinder foundation, the proper distance apart to form the inner and outer edges of the walk. The outside, or curl) strips, must be from 1 to 2 inch lower than the inner edge of the walk. This will give a slight pitch to the finished concrete surface and allow the water to run off.

Are You in Northbridge Massachusetts? Do You Need Concrete Cutting?

We Are Your Local Concrete Cutting Company

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We Service all surrounding Cities & Towns.