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Make the gutter shape with a template shortly after the concrete has been poured. Reinforce with wire mesh as shown in drawing. See Plate 33 for method of making concrete forms. A concrete mixture of 11 part cement, 2 parts sand and 4 parts gravel or crushed stone should be used and for a pit the size of the one given there are needed 93 bags of cement, 186 cu. ft. of sand and 372 cu. ft. of gravel or crushed stone. A concrete manure pit may be roofed over, which will assist in eliminating the fly nuisance. A duck pond for the poultry raiser or a wading pool for the children may be made in a similar way to the concrete manure pit. The dimensions for a fair-sized duck pond would be 8 ft. wide, 12 ft. long and 6 inch for the thickness of the concrete walls and the bottom. Using a 1-2-4 concrete mixture, with concrete walls 18 inch deep on the outside, there will be needed 20 bags, of cement, 40 cubic feet of sand and 80 cu. ft. of gravel or crushed stone. Plate 31 gives a drawing for a suggested type of cold frame. Excavations should be made below frost line and make concrete forms for a 4 inch concrete wall. It is a good plan, if old-window frames are available, to construct the concrete forms to fit the window frames at hand. The hot bed should have a slope as shown in the drawing and should be located so as to face the south or southeast. Use a concrete mixture of 1 part cement, 2/2 parts sand and 4 parts gravel or broken stone. Remove the concrete forms in 2 or 3 days and keep concrete damp for a couple of weeks.

Buildings are usually located with reference to some existing object, such as a highway, a drive or some other building. When the location depends upon some other object the first line to be determined should be the one influenced by the location of that object. With this established, it may be used as a base line, and the corners which come on it should be located next. In case the building is not located with reference to some other object, the base line should be chosen arbitrarily, and the corners and other lines lay out from it. One corner will probably be located with reference to some other object, and the other corner on the base line will be located a distance from the first equal to the length or breadth of the building. Mark these by stakes driven in the ground, the exact point being indicated by a nail driven in the stake. Plate 32, Fig. A, gives a drawing of the method of laying out a simple foundation and the above mentioned points are indicated by A and B, AB being the base line. After the corners on the base have been definitely located, proceed to locate another corner marked C.

The line which runs from A to C, perpendicular to the base line must first be located. To obtain a true right angle at A, measure accurately 6 ft. from A, along the base line toward B, and mark by a stake and nail, as shown at Y. Net measure out exactly 8 ft. from A on the direction of the corner to he found, and mark a curved line on the ground; measure 'from Y 10 ft. to a point on the curved line; drive a stake at this point and check the measurement. Mark the location accurately with a nail on the stake. This point is marked Z in Fig. A, Plate 32. The point C will lie on the line AZ projected. Corner D can be located from B in a similar manner. Fig. B, Plate 32, shows the method of locating concrete construction lines, after the corners have been located. These lines remain permanent during the concrete construction of the foundation. The fence-like concrete forms shown in Fig. B, should be located at least 8 ft. from the foundation lines and should be-long enough, to permit of marking both the inside and outside foundation lines on the top or horizontal boards. Brace the frames enough to withstand the pressure of the tightly drawn cords, which they must support as nearly horizontal as possible.

Are You in Royalston Massachusetts? Do You Need Concrete Cutting?

We Are Your Local Concrete Cutting Company

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We Service all surrounding Cities & Towns.