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The second sketch on Plate 35 shows a suitable design for a small concrete dam. If a concrete dam is to be built more than 4 or 5 ft. above the bed of the stream, an engineer should be called upon to design it and look after the concrete construction. For an ice pond or .pond for watering stock a concrete dam may be built across a brook without difficulty. If possible dig a temporary trench so as to carry the water around the concrete dam while it is being built*. If this cannot be done, run the water through a wooden trough in the middle of the concrete dam, and after the concrete wall on each side of it is finished carry the concrete forms across the opening, and make it tight enough so that the water is quiet between them; then place the concrete in pails, placing a board over the top of the pail, and lowering it carefully to the bottom. Turn the pail upside down, carefully remove the board and slowly raise the pail, allowing the concrete to flow out. Great care must be used not to disturb the water in which the concrete is being placed, nor to touch the green concrete.

Concrete must never be placed under water if there is .any current, on account of the cement being washed away, leaving only the sand and stone. Another method of placing concrete under water is to pass the concrete slowly through a spout or tube which reaches to within a couple of inches of the bottom when the concrete is to be placed. The tube must be kept full and the concrete kept moving continuously and slowly through it. On large work specially designed buckets are used for depositing the concrete under water, but these are generally operated by a derrick. Dig a trench across the stream slightly wider than the width of the base of the concrete dam, carrying it down about 18 inch or 2 ft. below the bed of the brook, or, if the ground is soft, deep enough to reach good solid bottom. In case the earth is firm enough for a foundation, but is porous, grooved plank can be pointed and driven with a heavy wooden mallet so as to prevent water flowing under or around the concrete dam. Build the concrete forms so as to make the concrete wall of the dimensions shown in the table. Wet them thoroughly, then mix and place the concrete very carefully, using 1 part cement, 2 parts clean, coarse sand to 4 parts screened gravel or broken stone.  Make deeper if necessary to get a good foundation.

A wet mix will help make the concrete water tight, and if possible lay the entire concrete dam in one day, not allowing one layer to set before the next one is placed. If it is necessary to lay the concrete on two consecutive days, scrape off the top concrete surface of the old concrete in the morning, thoroughly soak it with water and spread on a layer about 3/4 inch thick of pure cement of the consistency of thick cream, then place the fresh concrete before this cement has begun to stiffen. If the concrete forms on the lower side of the concrete dam are well braced, the concrete forms on the upstream side may be removed in 3 or 4 days, and the pond allowed filling. The concrete forms on the down-stream face should be left in place, well braced for 2 or 3 weeks. No finish need be given to the concrete surface. The design for a small fountain, shown on Plate 36, is simple in concrete construction and not expensive to make.

There must first be a pipe laid to what will be the center of the fountain and it must connect with the regular water supply. A circular excavation must first be made, 1, 2 to 18 inch deep, to bring the water supply pipe up to the decided water line, usually at the height of the ground. .A nozzle should be attached to this, to regulate the spray.

A drain pipe should be located even with the floor of the basin and an overflow pipe placed on the concrete wall, a trifle below the height of the feed pipe, which runs into the drain outside the fountain concrete wall, as shown in the drawing.

Are You in Southbridge Massachusetts? Do You Need Concrete Cutting?

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We Service all surrounding Cities & Towns.