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The bottom of the basin, around the piping, must be well tamped and covered with about 4 inch of cinders, which also require generous tamping, wetting them down well. A concrete consisting of 1 part cement, 2 parts of good, clean sand and 4 parts of gravel or broken stone, should be mixed and deposited with care. Protect the fresh concrete for several days, wetting each day to insure drying out evenly. Plate 37 gives a simple design for a concrete bird bath, with sketches showing the various concrete steps in molding and sweeping the concrete. A strong, substantial table may be utilized for this work or it may be done on a plank platform of wood.  A 4 inch dowel should be attached to the table, letting the end project through to the underside and held firmly in place. It should be of sufficient height to allow the sweeps to be slipped on, as is shown in the sketches on Plate 37. A wooden sweep should be shaped to the required size for forming the inside of the top, Fig A, Plate 37. Place sufficient moist clay on the hoard and sweep as shown in Fig. A. The form for the sweep, shown in Fig. B, which is the underside of the top, must be made of fairly stiff sheet metal, securely attached to the woo.den frame, as indicated.

Mix enough concrete, using a wet concrete mixture, to build up the required thickness. This is placed on top of the clay mold previously made, and oiled and the metal template placed on the spindle. Sweep until the concrete surface is smooth. Pieces of fine mesh wire should be placed inside the concrete to stiffen it. Keep wet until thoroughly dry, which should be in two or three days. It will be noticed in the sectional view that the various parts are joined by means of a 4 inch rod or dowel. When putting the bird bath together, a small amount of "neat cement," which is cement with enough Water added to make a paste, is applied at all joints. Another method of sweeping the molds is to mix up just enough plaster of Paris to place under the sweep and sweep this very quickly with the template. The plaster sets quickly and the work must be done without loss of time. After the core is hard it should be sandpapered and shellac applied to the concrete surface. Oil the core and cover it with the concrete, packing it down firmly, and building up to the required thickness. Place the template for sweeping out the inner or bowl part of the top, and sweep to the desired smoothness. This problem is not only interesting to construct, but is a valuable addition to any lawn or garden and at the same time attracts and benefits the birds.

The design of a garage is generally influenced by the architectural treatment of the house and neighboring buildings. The logical location for the garage is at the rear of the house, but this point must be settled to suit local conditions, the main idea being the convenience and accessibility from the street. Plate 38 gives a good type of concrete garage, but very few dimensions are given, as the size depends on the car to be housed and the amount of room available. It is well to plan ahead for the possibility of two automobiles, or space for a visiting car, or perhaps the letting of one-half of the garage. It is very necessary that the garage be as near fireproof as possible. Insurance companies allow lower rates on concrete constructed buildings. This type of garage is simple to construct, its upkeep is cheap, and it is permanent and needs no painting or repairing, is clean and easy to keep clean. The method of constructing concrete forms and concrete floors is shown on previous plates. The floor should have a slight pitch to a drain in the center (see Plate 29), and the material required for the entire building is given on the drawing.

Are You in Spencer Massachusetts? Do You Need Concrete Cutting?

We Are Your Local Concrete Cutting Company

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We Service all surrounding Cities & Towns.