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Too long has the quality of concrete structures been determined by the desire or whim of the man at the mixer. It is time that the concrete engineer or superintendent responsible for the other features of the construction project assume also responsibility for this important detail. The practice of allowing the mixer foreman to regulate the amount of water has been fostered by the use of fixed proportions of cement and concrete aggregate, chosen without regard to the conditions of placement. While the evils of this practice have been quite generally recognized, the tendency to reject it for a better practice has been slow in developing. This is partly due to a natural reluctance to change, and partly to the confusion and complication of detail which have surrounded the alternative methods heretofore proposed. It is the purpose of this book to present the underlying principles of concrete mixtures in such a way that those in charge of construction will not only recognize their responsibility for the quality of concrete, but will at the same time find a simple and direct method of meeting the responsibility. The text is not written for the man at the mixer or the concrete finisher. It presumes a familiarity with concrete construction and some knowledge of the literature.

Once the concrete engineer or superintendent thoroughly understands the basic principles, he should be able to write the necessary instructions or specifications to apply these principles to a particular set of conditions through the personnel of his own organization. The larger part of this text first appeared as a series of articles in Concrete engineering News-Record during April and May 1929. The requests for reprinting the articles in assembled form have been too numerous to ignore. Except for some further data on strength and permeability, which have been added, only such modifications and rearrangements have been made in the original text as were necessary to adapt it to the new form. Grateful acknowledgment is made to members of the research staff of the Concrete with Portland cement Association for suggestions and criticisms, and to Mr. F. E. Schmitt, Editor, Concrete engineering News-Record, for searching and constructive criticism. In order to give sound guidance to the worker in concrete, one of the keenest students of concrete-making has set down in this book what many thousands of laboratory tests and hundreds of observations on field jobs and structures taught him about proportioning. If these teachings are applied consistently they will bring definite improvement in an art whose operations form a large part of modern concrete engineering construction. An interesting set of events lies back of the writing of the book and gives character to its message.

Many calls came to the editorial office of Concrete engineering News-Record for assistance in unraveling and interpreting the complex doctrines of concrete proportioning current in recent years. These new doctrines had done away with the practice of prior decades to use a fixed mixture, such as the long-famous 1:2:4, but in doing so they had replaced rule-of-thumb by scientific riddles. The result was confusion. There was bickering between field concrete engineers and construction men, and excited controversies arose over poor work done under the new systems of proportioning. The situation became so serious that the editor, the late Frank C. Wight, proposed to invite a clear-sighted investigator and concrete engineer to prepare a modern primer which should illuminate the subject thoroughly and sweep away the growing confusion. What Mr. Wight sought for was a simple exposition of the fundamental elements of the concrete-making art as derived from and supported by careful laboratory research.

Are You in Sturbridge Massachusetts? Do You Need Concrete Cutting?

We Are Your Local Concrete Cutting Company

Call 508-283-3135

We Service all surrounding Cities & Towns.