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Such a plastic mixture will make uniformly good concrete, of properties determined by the degree of moisture of the paste. That, in brief, is the doctrine of the articles. It remains to add that of course there are differences between cements; that concrete aggregates differ; that grading is not without vital meaning; and above all that mixing, transporting, placing and curing must be done with care and excellence. All these are vitally important matters, but they are matters which the able concrete engineer and concrete-worker will find no difficulty in handling. Be it understood that the articles do not purport to set forth all the facts and secrets of concrete, neither of the present nor of the probably much greater future; they do, however, go far toward eliminating some of the mystery that has come to surround the subject, and they simplify effectively the principles of proportioning. In future we shall doubtless know much more about water tightness, strength, plasticity, texture and control of properties.

But regardless of such advances, the basic principles now set forth are likely to remain fundamental.
 To provide continuity of thought and assist the reader to visualize the scope of what is to follow, the brief resume is given. This chapter is in effect a summary of the entire text stripped of explanation, proof, or illustration. It may profitably be read occasionally during the perusal of the text and again as a final summary when the study is completed. Expressed in the simplest terms, concrete is a mass of concrete aggregates held together by a hardened paste of concrete with Portland cement and water. The distinction between these two elements of concrete should be kept clearly in mind, as it is the basis upon which the principles and methods of this text are developed. The concrete aggregates are essentially inert. The paste is the active element. There are, of course, certain properties of the concrete aggregates which influence the properties of the concrete; these will be brought out later in the text. But at this point it is necessary only to observe that, important as these properties are, they should not be allowed to obscure the fact that the - concrete derives its useful properties mostly from this hardened cement-water paste. For a complete understanding of the properties of concrete, we must first understand the properties of the paste. Clearly, if strong concrete is desired, the paste must develop high strength when hardened.

If watertight concrete is required the hardened paste must itself be watertight. When Portland cement is mixed with enough water to form a paste, the compounds of the cement react with the water to form new compounds which adhere to each other and to the concrete aggregate particles to form the binding medium which gives concrete these chemical reactions, three: (1) (2) favorable temperatures and (3) the continued presence. When these three conditions are fulfilled, the concrete is said to "cure" properly; in their absence the curing is said to be deficient. A concrete paste in which the reactions have progressed only slightly (whether due to low temperatures, to insufficient time or to loss of water from the mass) cannot have the strength or water tightness of one in which the chemical changes are more complete. It needs to be seen that the curing conditions of the hardened concrete paste. Likewise, those characteristics of the cement which influence the rate of chemical combination are factors. Some cements gain their strength more rapidly at first, while others show greater increase for longer periods. Another factor in true quality of the hardened concrete paste is relative portions of cement and water. This obviously affects the properties of the paste just as the properties of mixtures, alloys, or other combinations of materials are affected by the proportions of the ingredients.

Are You in Upton Massachusetts? Do You Need Concrete Cutting?

We Are Your Local Concrete Cutting Company

Call 508-283-3135

We Service all surrounding Cities & Towns.