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Only a combined with water in excess and reduces its potential strength, water tightness. Thus it is seen that the properties of the hardened paste are dependent upon these three factors: 2. the relative proportions of cement and water. 3. The completeness of the chemical combination between the cement and water. The concrete engineer can control the ultimate usefulness of his concrete structures. When the concrete aggregates and concrete paste are mixed to form concrete, the space between the concrete aggregate particles must be completely filled with the paste. Further, as a practical matter the paste must be of such consistency that the mixture is plastic and remains homogeneous during transporting and placing. With clean, impervious concrete aggregates, such a mixture will give a concrete in which the permeability is determined by the water tightness of the hardened paste. If, in addition, the concrete aggregates are themselves of durable mineral composition, the resistance of such a concrete to weathering will be determined largely by the resistance of the hardened paste to weathering.

Also, the strength of such a mixture will be determined by the strength of the paste. When the concrete aggregate particles themselves are weak or of such a character as to offer little bond with the paste, the strength of the concrete will naturally be less than for normal concrete aggregates, but even here, the strength of the concrete is influenced by the strength of the paste, for a strong paste offers very great support to the concrete aggregates when the particles are thoroughly surrounded. From the foregoing it can be seen that proportioning concrete for a given purpose requires two distinct steps: first, the selection of that proportion of water and those conditions of curing which, for the given cement, will produce a paste to meet the requirements for the particular structure as to strength and water tightness, or weather resistance; and second, finding a combination of
concrete aggregates which, with water and cement in the selected ratio, will give a mixture that is plastic and that will remain homogeneous during placing and through the setting and hardening period.

In these two steps is embodied much of the philosophy of concrete mixtures. By controlling the quality of the paste through the selection of the proportion of water and cement and the degree of curing, the potential quality of the concrete is determined. By adjusting the proportions of concrete aggregates and paste to give uniformity and homogeneity, this potential quality can be fully realized. It is vital throughout this discussion to keep in mind the necessity for plastic and homogeneous mixtures, for it is only with such mixes that the laws of strength and water tightness of the concrete paste can be applied to the concrete as a whole. A plastic mix is one which can be readily molded—that is, it flows sluggishly but without segregation of the water or the fine materials from the course. A plastic consistency is an intermediate one, separating the wet or fluid consistencies on the one hand from those of the stiff or granular type, on the other. In placing it requires some spading or working to insure filling the angles of the form and complete embedment of reinforcement, but does not require the constant ramming needed for dry consistencies. Plasticity involves more than a difference in water content. It involves the amount and character of the concrete aggregates as well as the amount of water and cement.

Are You in Uxbridge Massachusetts? Do You Need Concrete Cutting?

We Are Your Local Concrete Cutting Company

Call 508-283-3135

We Service all surrounding Cities & Towns.