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Concrete Cutting Webster MA      

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Concrete Cutting Webster Mass  

Concrete Cutter Webster Mass    

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The factors governing the plasticity of a concrete mixture may be stated as follows:

1. Relative quantities of paste and concrete aggregates.

2. Plasticity of the paste itself.

3. Grading of concrete aggregates.

4. Shape and surface characteristics of concrete aggregate particles.

For any given paste, that is, a quantity of cement with its definite proportion of water, decreasing the amount of paste with respect to the quantity of concrete aggregate stiffens the mixture, and increasing the amount of paste renders the mix more fluid. If the quantity of paste is reduced to the point where there is not enough to fill the spaces and actually float the concrete aggregate particles, the mix will become granular or harsh and will be impossible of proper placement. Similarly, for a given quantity of paste and concrete aggregate the plasticity of the mix will depend upon the relative quantities of cement and water in the paste.

A paste that is high in cement and low in water content will itself be stiff and cannot carry much concrete aggregate without becoming so stiff as to be wholly non-workable. On the other hand, if the cement content of the paste is low and the water content high, the paste may be so thin and watery that it will be unable to hold the concrete aggregates in that cohesive mass which is the very embodiment of plasticity. The grading of the concrete aggregates affects the plasticity of the concrete: (1) by affecting the quantity of paste necessary to fill the spaces thoroughly and surround the concrete aggregate particles completely, and (2) by affecting the resistance which is offered to the mobility of the mass through the varying combinations of sizes. As in the case of grading, the shape and surface characteristics of the particles affect the plasticity of the mix through their effect on the amount of paste required and on the friction between the particles as the concrete is molded. Angular particles or those with rough surfaces require a greater amount of paste for the same mobility of mass than is necessary for well-rounded particles or those with smooth and slippery faces, other conditions remaining the same. The importance of plastic mixes, as a factor both in the construction operations and in extending the useful life of the structure, cannot be over emphasized.

For proper placement it is essential that mixes be of such plasticity that they can be molded readily into the corners and angles of the concrete forms with the assurance that every portion of the space will be thoroughly filled with the concrete and that there shall be
no honeycombing in the mass. Thus, dry, non-mobile mixtures which are difficult to place must be carefully avoided, both as a convenience in placing and to assure a uniform and homogeneous mass in which all the space between the concrete aggregate particles is filled with a concrete paste of the desired quality. Equal care must be taken to avoid the over wet mixes. While mixes of this type are easily place able and therefore all too commonly used, they are a serious menace to the life of a structure exposed to the weathering action of the elements. The segregation of materials in handling in such mixes causes honeycombed spots which offer the first point of attack for water and frost. Also, the accumulation of water and fine materials at the surface as the placing of such mixes progresses results in laitance layers and porous concrete immediately below. These segregation effects are the causes of the most widely observed form of disintegration. Many have formed the impression that the present-day agitation for control of the quantity of mixing water necessarily means dry, non-workable concrete. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Are You in Webster Massachusetts? Do You Need Concrete Cutting?

We Are Your Local Concrete Cutting Company

Call 508-283-3135

We Service all surrounding Cities & Towns.